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Dr. Jennifer Ridley - holistic medicine - functional medicineJennifer Ridley, DC, CCCN, the founder of LiveWell Chiropractic and Wellness Center, believes that proactively preserving your health is a far more sound approach to wellness than curing disease. She closely examines your complete health history and lifestyle to explore the true cause of your problem.  This is generally what people mean when they refer to holistic medicine, and Dr. Ridley’s approach would fall under this umbrella.

Dr. Ridley spends time with you and listens to your health history, sometimes all the way back to your childhood. Often, the interactions among genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors can greatly influence health and wellness.

holistic medicine - functional medicineDr. Ridley creates uniquely tailored chiropractic and functional nutrition plans to help achieve wellness and vitality for each individual. She believes strongly that there is no “one size fits all” solution—and at LiveWell, there are no five-minute appointments, either.



Holistic Health and Wellness Care

This emphasis on functional nutrition defines Dr. Ridley’s approach to healthcare under the banner of holistic health and wellness care, with the goal being to minimize musculoskeletal pain and create a much better feeling of overall balance and positive energy.

Dr. Ridley attended Texas A&M University and UT Southwestern Medical School of Allied Health. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in medical technology. In addition, she graduated valedictorian with a post-graduate specialty in neurology from Parker University.

She is a certified functional nutrition expert, and draws upon several disciplines to develop highly specific treatment programs intended to help her patients:

  • Maintain health and wellness
  • Improve nutritional status
  • Get out of pain

We encourage you to learn more about Dr. Ridley’s philosophy and approach, functional nutrition and her services.

Consider Dr. Ridley’s comments on how she focuses on finding the root causes of problems rather than focusing on the symptoms:

To make an appointment with Dr. Ridley, please call us today at 817.485.9355.

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