Food Allergy Testing

Food Allergy TestingThe prevalence of food allergies has been increasing and it is estimated that 50% of adults and 70% of children suffer from food allergies.  Research has shown a 95% probability that the average person eats one or more foods that are toxic to his or her body.  Has any doctor ever done food allergy testing for you to explore the link between what you eat and how you feel? Dr. Ridley can!

Allergy Testing Techniques – Blood Panel Review vs. Skin Sensitivity Testing

The symptoms of food allergies are typically fatigue, joint pain, congestion, headache, insomnia, rashes, stomach pain, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, difficult weight loss and many others. Why such a wide variety? Food allergies cause significant inflammation every time you eat a food you are allergic to.  Dr. Ridley utilizes a robust testing procedure performed by a local lab that tests how your blood interacts with 184 different types of food!  The report provided by the lab points out which food your body attacked as a problem, and Dr. Ridley can walk you through a plan to temporarily remove these from your diet, and then reintroduce them one by one to determine which specific foods are creating the biggest problems for you.  This methodology goes well beyond the external testing performed by some practitioners which simply review skin sensitivity.  It’s likely that you’ve already determined which foods cause immediate problems.  The blood testing helps to identify the root causes.  These are delayed reactions, and sometimes take 72 hours to manifest themselves.   The video included below is typically viewed by patients once they’ve had their blood tested, but viewing it ahead of time will help you understand the process that Dr. Ridley uses for food allergy testing.

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