Your Two Brains

xray digestive system of male body, gut healthDid you know that, in a way, you have two brains?  Because there is such a large network of nerve cells in the gastrointestinal system, or “gut,” it is often referred to as the “second brain.”  The gut contains more neurons than either the spinal cord or your peripheral nervous … Read the rest >>

Caffeine Seduction and Potential Side Effects

coffeeUltimately caffeine is a drug; let’s not fool ourselves.  Researchers at Duke University Medical Center found that caffeine actually exaggerates stress, and that this effect lasts throughout the day.  Caffeine jolts the adrenal glands – the glands that help our bodies handle stress – and can eventually lead to adrenal Read the rest >>

Acid Reflux Caused by Too LITTLE Acid? Understanding Heartburn, the Dangers of Acid Blockers and the Benefits of Natural Remedies

heartburnMost of us have experienced heartburn at some point in our lives. In fact, about one out of every three people has a regular problem with it. That uncomfortable burning sensation can keep you from going about your day and actively enjoying life. Fortunately, heartburn can be reduced or eliminated … Read the rest >>

Got Heartburn? Antacids Bring Some Serious Health Risks

Your stomach produces acid for a reason. It breaks down your food and begins your body’s process of absorbing nutrition from your food. Antacids are, literally, “anti-acids.” They neutralize your stomach acid so it can’t perform this function. Anyone think this might create problems for the body?
Taking antacids can … Read the rest >>