Combatting Osteoarthritis, the Arthritis of Aging

Combatting Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative form of arthritis, often described as “wear and tear” arthritis. We can all expect normal wear and tear on the body, but there are ways to minimize its effects, and live into old age with health, energy, and strength!

Suggestions to help:

Exercise and Osteoarthritis

Exercise … Read the rest >>

Health Dangers of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Measuring the beerbelly - msg - monosodium glutamateOne really good reason to read the list of ingredients on your food – and to stay away from “foods” containing things you can’t pronounce – is the prevalence of hidden chemicals that can lead to weight gain and other health problems.  Monosodium glutamate (MSG), for example, is the flavor … Read the rest >>

Longevity Secrets to Looking & Feeling Younger

living healthy - longevity

Kick those bad habits and replace with better ones!

There’s a far better way of looking and feeling fantastic than to go to the expense and discomfort of surgery.  Instead of going under the knife and ending up looking like a cartoon version of a youthful person, focus on improving … Read the rest >>

Skin Conditions and What your Skin Reveals about your Health

Body care. Woman applying cream on face - skin conditionsOur skin is often a helpful indicator of what’s going on inside the body. Common skin conditions such as acne can be a sign of hormonal imbalance or, in the case of deep cystic acne, also food allergy.  The body’s reactions to undiagnosed food allergy or other allergies can manifest … Read the rest >>

Your thyroid explained. Start loving your thyroid today.

Your thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland, weighing about 1-2 ounces, located below the front of your throat (right below the Adam’s apple in men).  It is an incredibly important part of your endocrine system.  Hypothyroidism means the thyroid is not functioning at a sufficiently high level.  If the thyroid Read the rest >>

Caffeine Seduction and Potential Side Effects

coffeeUltimately caffeine is a drug; let’s not fool ourselves.  Researchers at Duke University Medical Center found that caffeine actually exaggerates stress, and that this effect lasts throughout the day.  Caffeine jolts the adrenal glands – the glands that help our bodies handle stress – and can eventually lead to adrenal Read the rest >>

Fibromyalgia: a Natural Perspective

FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) simply means “muscle and connective tissue pain.” It is a chronic condition in which the patient experiences a generalized aching pain for at least three months, fatigue, poor sleep, headache, morning stiffness, digestive complaints, sensitivity to chemicals and temperature, depression and/or anxiety. Many of those with FMS … Read the rest >>

Healthy food. Should you use a Microwave?

broccoli floretsI am often asked if it is okay to use a microwave for cooking or reheating food. No matter how it’s done, cooking often destroys vital nutrients. The type of cooking preparation you choose determines how much is destroyed. For most nutrients, the less heat, the better. So while microwaving Read the rest >>

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods – ASAP!

GMOIf genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not yet on your radar screen, they need to be. Also called GE food, genetically engineered foods are linked to organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system disorders, accelerated aging, and infertility.  By mixing genes from totally unrelated species, genetic engineering unleashes a host Read the rest >>

What is your New Years Resolution? Get Healthier? Weight Loss?

Losing weight, by itself, does not magically restore good health.  While it is certainly true that many health problems – like hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, asthma, fatty liver, cancer, etc. – are commonly related to excess weight, a person can become skinny and yet remain in poor health.

 Don’t focus on Read the rest >>