Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition Can Help Your Body Heal Itself

This is a philosophical shift from the traditional disease-centered focus of health and wellness care to a more patient-centered approach that looks at the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.  functional medicine fort worthFunctional nutrition emphasizes the correction of organ function, so your body can naturally heal itself of disease. This approach begins by asking questions such as:

  • Why is the body experiencing pain?
  • What is the root cause of the discomfort the patient is feeling?

Dr. Ridley believes in the body’s wisdom and the warning messages it sends. She doesn’t simply ask, “Can we name a given disease and suppress its symptoms?” But rather she begins by saying, “Let’s determine what is actually causing the symptoms and work on that!”  Dr. Ridley pursued additional training from the Institute of Functional Medicine after completing her core degree as a chiropractor.  This enables her to develop highly specific nutritional treatment programs that are specific to each patient she meets with.

Dr. Ridley’s approach is to look for underlying causes of your body’s dysfunction with a focus on repairing, rebuilding and restoring.

The mission is to rejuvenate your natural, fundamental processes that support optimum health. The benefits of functional nutrition include:

  • Lasting change
  • More energy
  • A vibrant attitude
  • Greater physical freedom

We invite you to learn more about Dr. Ridley, her philosophy and approach, and her services.

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