An Inviting Atmosphere Promotes Healthier Eating

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An Inviting Atmosphere Promotes Healthier Eating

Want an easy way to eat healthier? Try creating an inviting atmosphere for eating at home.

A new study, probing why people tend to eat more nutritious meals at home than away from home, suggests that psychological factors involved in eating pleasantly at home may help override our hard-wired cravings for high-fat, sugary foods. Researchers believe that, since home is where people often feel most content, the positive emotions associated with home-cooked meals may be part of the recipe for a healthy diet.

These findings suggest that people, who are in a good mood at home, enjoying the atmosphere there, tend to prepare healthier meals. They also feel better emotionally after eating. This cycle of positive reinforcement was more pronounced at home than elsewhere.

Using strategies such as attractive kitchens and eating areas, positive communications around meal times, your own music, and a pleasant view outside the window entice people to eat at home. And when eating at home, in a pleasant atmosphere, you just might find you’re eating healthier. Bet you never thought your doctor would give you a script to remodel that kitchen!

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