3 Cancer-Causing Foods and What to Eat Instead

Did you know certain foods can increase your risk of cancer? Some foods and ingredients proliferate cancerous cell growth and others cause reactions or inhibit normal functions, which can lead to cancer. Here are four foods and ingredients that can cause cancer and [...]

Want to reduce cravings for unhealthy food throughout the day? Eat breakfast!

University of Missouri researchers found that eating a healthy breakfast, especially one high in protein, increases satiety (the feeling that you’ve recently eaten and don’t yet need to eat again) and reduces hunger throughout the day. The researchers also found, using MRI brain [...]

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Are your skincare products safe?

There are countless examples of environmental toxin exposures that it is best to avoid. One that many people overlook is the issue of contaminants in personal care products, such as soap, deodorant, sunscreen, and cosmetics. According to the Food & Drug Administration, since [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions – You Can Do It!

You can make a big difference with a little positive change. As the New Year rolls around, so does the sense of new beginnings and another chance for a fresh start in a better direction. I was recently reading The 80/20 Principle by [...]

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Prenatal Mercury Exposure Linked to ADHD

Although fish is definitely one of the healthiest forms of lean protein, it is very important to eat wild-caught high quality fish that is free of contaminants. This is especially true for pregnant women, because eating fish containing even low levels of mercury [...]

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