graston technique Plantar Fasciitis TreatmentThe Graston technique is a specialized way of treating both plantar fasciitis (affecting the feet) and carpal tunnel (affecting the wrists) without shots or surgery.  Dr. Ridley sought out additional training to learn the Graston Technique and has been certified as a provider.  She completed the “M1” basic course offered by the experts at the Graston Technique.  Afterward, she purchased the specialized instruments designed for its use.  Finally, she completed the M2 Advanced Course to finalize her certification.  (For more information about this specific discipline, please visit the Graston Technique website.)

This short, 80-second video, Dr. Ridley provides a brief overview of why the technique is effective.  Also, she discusses how it can give you relief from the pain that accompanies plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other joints in the body.

Graston Technique is a Proven Solution

Once you hear Dr. Ridley explain how the scar tissue can build up on our nerves, it just makes sense that the Graston Technique can be an effective solution for this problem.   The alternatives of pain management through various pills, potions and lotions or surgery can have other complications and side effects.  As she explains it, the pain of plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel result from the build up of scar tissue on our ligaments and muscles.  The scar tissue builds up from repetitive stress and injury.  Therefore, it has a tendency to bind things up, keeping your muscles and ligaments from operating as originally intended.

The Graston Technique allows Dr. Ridley to gently smooth out the scar tissue on the impacted areas, typically your wrists and feet.  The impact is typically very quick, usually within one or two treatments, you’re already feeling better.  If you’d like to find out more, and determine if the Graston Technique might offer you some relief, then make an appointment with us today!  The phone number is 817.485.9355.