Dr. Jennifer Ridley does something that many other medical practitioners don’t do enough of… She talks to her patients and does an in depth review of each patient, their medical history, their family’s medical history and their lifestyle.  This in-depth analysis helps her to identify the root causes of problems.  The alternative is to medicate symptoms with pills, potions and lotions.  Such a solution will often provide relief from the symptoms, but not actually solve your problem.  In taking on the role of a naturopath, Dr. Ridley believes that we’re better off working with our bodies ability to heal itself.  However, this often requires us to make changes in our lifestyle or diet that we never previously considered.  Consider her thoughts in this short, 2-minute video overview:

Naturopath Jennifer Ridley aka Health CSI

Dr. Ridley wants to help you sort out those chronic ailments like having difficult sleeping, headaches, acid reflux, being exhausted without knowing why, or even high cholesterol.  She understands that other medical professionals prefer to employ pills, potions, and lotions because it seems to provide a quick fix.  Her preference would be to isolate the true cause of the symptom, and fix it at its core rather than only masking the symptom.  Chronic illness and chronic pain are rampant in our county.  However, she believes that our bodies are intelligently designed, and the illnesses and pain are sending us warning messages.  They’re trying to direct us to a specific problem, but when we mask it, we’re not working to fix it.  Helping our bodies heal naturally allows us to live longer and healthier with fewer illnesses and less chronic pain.

Dr. Ridley’s goal is to help you live healthy and fully, so that you can be the best you can be.  She wants you to set out on a path of healthy living so that you can enjoy life today.  Likewise, she wants you to continue being healthy once you reach retirement.  The best time to start on this path is the day you were born.  The second best time to start is RIGHT NOW!  Call Dr. Ridley’s office today and make your appointment to learn how to live well!