Dr. Ridley uses the principles of homeopathic medicine to understand how the symptoms we deal with are our bodies warning lights, telling us we have a problem.  Do you solve the engine problems in your car by pulling the fuse for the warning lights in the dash?  How about putting a piece of duct tape over the light?  We know that these things won’t solve the problem, and eventually our car will break down, and leave us stranded.

The same is said of headaches, high cholesterol, acid reflux and other ailments.  We can take pills, potions, or lotions to eliminate the symptoms, but the underlying problems remain.  Our bodies will ultimately suffer if we don’t identify and fix the root cause of the problem.  The approach in homeopathic medicine is to find the right balance between mind, body and spirit.  Therefore, identifying the root causes of problems is the important first step in the process.

Listen to Your Body

Ocean Yoga homeopathic MedicineOur bodies are always communicating with us in various ways.  If we just treat headaches with painkillers, does that really solve the problem?  Yet how many days in a row have you taken those painkillers?  There are a variety of things that can cause recurring headaches.  Hence, Doctor Ridley can help you assess your current circumstances and isolate the real WHY behind them.  Furthermore, homeopathic medicine is focused on looking at things in the big picture, and not just trying to solve problem “A” with pill “B.”  With the right analysis, we might identify a food allergy or other problem that has gone diagnosed for years.  Perhaps there’s a vitamin deficiency that we can identify that would solve a problem.  Wouldn’t you rather eat a few different foods to help your body heal naturally rather than taking a pill to mask the problem?

Dr. Ridley is focused on helping you find true health through finding balance in your life with the right kinds of food, exercise and rest.