Main Factors that Contribute to Allergies

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Main Factors that Contribute to Allergies

I have seen a lot of patients with allergy problems this week. Most of you probably know that allergy medications tend to temporarily suppress symptoms and do nothing to address the cause of our allergies. Symptoms can be our body signaling that something is requiring our attention and is out of balance. If we just suppress symptoms, we are not addressing the root cause. Here are some main contributing factors to allergies that need to be looked into:
1. Not enough acid in the stomach, either due to fatigue or acid blockers
2. Poor protein digestion
3. Adrenal insufficiency
4. Poor sugar handling and excess intake
5. Leaky gut
6. Liver toxicity and congestion
7. Excess immune response to the environment (hyper-sensitization)
8. Not making enough of the enzyme that breaks down histamine

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