Fibromyalgia: a Natural Perspective

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Fibromyalgia: a Natural Perspective

FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) simply means “muscle and connective tissue pain.” It is a chronic condition in which the patient experiences a generalized aching pain for at least three months, fatigue, poor sleep, headache, morning stiffness, digestive complaints, sensitivity to chemicals and temperature, depression and/or anxiety. Many of those with FMS also have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), chronic bladder irritation (interstitial cystitis, or IC), lupus (SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Fibromyalgia is often thought of as having an unknown cause.  But from an alternative, holistic perspective, we understand that hormone imbalances (low thyroid, adrenal fatigue), weakened immune system, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, liver toxicity, food allergies, unhealthy intestinal environment, and/or low-level chronic infections can play a role in the cause or source of fibromyalgia.

Each one of these contributing factors needs to be explored and addressed. Laboratory testing can help identify which of these systems are out of balance and suggest natural ways to help bring them back into balance.  Unfortunately, fibromyalgia is not a “one size fits all” kind of problem, or solution.

Lifestyle factors are a significant part of the healing process.  Exercise (very light at first, then gradually increasing in duration and intensity) improves circulation and muscle strength.  Healing is also often improved with regular sleep.  Getting a handle on food allergies, hormonal imbalances and vitamin and mineral deficiencies will help improve the quality and quantity of sleep.  Make sure your bedroom is completely dark, if possible.  Also, avoid trying to sleep with electronic devices like cell phones or iPads next to you, unless you have turned them to airplane mode.

Diet can be a significant source of inflammation and inflammation makes everything worse.  Avoiding inflammatory foods such as refined flour, sugar, and genetically-modified and pasteurized foods is key. Some of the worst foods include pasteurized and homogenized dairy, white flour, wheat, (high-fructose) corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils (trans fats), most soy foods, and sugary foods such as soda, candy and pastries. If you have food allergies, put such foods to your list to avoid because they also increase your inflammation.

Foods that support your health and help your body to repair itself include organic vegetables, seasonal fruits, grass-fed beef, free range chicken & free range chicken eggs, raw grass-fed dairy products, coconut oil, olive oil, sea salt, raw nuts and seeds, and wild fish.

If you or someone you know has fibromyalgia, have hope. There is much that you can do, supported by caring, natural practitioners, to heal and recover.

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