The 3 Foods That Eat Your Bones! (And What You Should Eat Instead)

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The 3 Foods That Eat Your Bones! (And What You Should Eat Instead)

You can imagine that an acidic environment is bad for living cells. The following are three foods that skew the body towards an acidic (not the healthier alkaline) pH. The restoration of the health-promoting alkaline state is essential to the regeneration of bone health and overall well-being.
Cured Meats
Processed meats or cold cuts – including bacon and the ever-so-popular hot dog – are the most acidifying of all animal proteins. This is mainly due to sodium nitrite, a common preservative, color, and flavor enhancer. Instead, choose meats that are minimally processed, with no added nitrites or nitrates and no MSG.

Processed Sugars
All variations of table sugar are acidifying, but the worst offenders are the refined and bleached kind – the most common granular sugar, both white and brown. A variety of toxic chemicals are used to bleach sugar, including sulfur dioxide and phosphoric acid. Sugar causes depletion of vitamin C, copper, trace minerals, magnesium and calcium – all of which are essential to bone health. Instead, choose honey whenever possible, or the sugar substitute Stevia, since both are alkalizing. If you must use sugar, then go for turbinado raw sugar, or maple syrup.

Bleached Flour
The process of bleaching flour, to make white breads and pastas, involves using toxic and acidifying chemicals. Alloxan is a byproduct of the flour bleaching process. This lovely substance is used to induce diabetes in laboratory animal experiments because it destroys the insulin-producing cells. Bad for the lab mice, and bad for you. Instead, if you are going to eat bread, stick to sprouted breads.

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